Sixty – aims and ambitions

I have not at any previous turn of a decade wanted to set out a definitive plan for the next 10 years. I had my first child at the age of 30, so motherhood was a given; I launched a new business at the age of 40 at the start of the new Millenium, setting the scene for a decade at least, of mega juggling, power working, super womanism; at 50 I had two adult children and one aged 16 going on 20 so effectively free of childminding headaches (and costs), and was able with or without hubbie to simply “go out” when I chose and start to have an adult life again. Do not get me wrong I loved my years with growing children, and they have all grown into amazing adults that I am extremely proud of.

Sixty however, seems to be my decade for planned action, perhaps I feel that I am running out of decades to waste, although I actually have never , in my head, really left my forties. So what do I have planned ?

My first actions have been to give myself some freedom:

Freedom from the restraints of a daily slog at work. I have spent 20 years steering the ship and running the team and now is the time to delegate, properly delegate, not go to the office every day, to let them get on with it. So two full days each week in the office and three not in the office. Two of which are Monday and Friday, giving long weekends and a real sense of slowing down.

Freedom from the expectation to glug down the wine at every opportunity, nobody has been pouring it down my neck but me, but enough is enough. I have quietly and without any fuss given up alcohol. I can now go to anything without worrying about how to get home; who to stay with if public transport is not an option or cabs are too far; and of course what I actually did the night before or who I have upset.

Freedom to indulge in me time. I have never been a gym person, but I have always loved to swim and workout. Previously swimming has comprised of 60 power lengths of breast stroke in the local pool after work while going through the action points for the next day in my head. workouts have been snatched home DVD versions interrupted by my kids, dogs, husband, phone and endless other distractions, usually leading to abandonment halfway through. I have now joined the local fitness centre and indulge 1 hour each day, wherever possible, for a class. Swimming has become water workout, pilates and zumba feature regularly and most happen in the mornings, not silly o clock, but 9-10 or even 11.15 on Sundays.

Freedom to be myself. I do not have to present myself as somebody’s mum or boss or work associate. I do not have to power dress, I can work at home if I choose, makeup free and in jeans or flowing skirt with flowers in my hair , I can eat what and when I like. I can be frivolous or funny, impulsive or contemplative at my leisure. I can take time with friends, my family, my dogs and my husband and indulge them with the attention that for the past three decades, I simply have not made time for.

So at sixty years of age I now work part time, mostly from home, mostly in casual dress, I do not drink alcohol, through choice rather than a warning from the GP, I walk my dogs, see my friends and give more time to my nearest and dearest.

Now the scene is set I come to my second aim for the decade which is to archive my life. I have my Ancestry family tree which I dip into from time to time, to add new family additions and dig a bit deeper into one family branch or another. I also have a ridiculous quantity of photographs that never see the light of day and are never shared. I now therefore have a good quality scanner,upgraded cloud storage and a will to get it all on there, with back stories and comments to explain the wheres and the whyfores, before I forget !

I now also have this blog, which may never be read or shared by anyone, but will be my record of my thoughts and experiences as a sixty something in the twenty twenties. If anyone is reading this, please feel free to comment and share your lifeviews and ambitions, whatever decade you are in. I will be back soon.